• Structural Alterations

o   Conversion to open plan

o   Inclusion of en suite bathroom

o   Inclusion of walk-in wardrobes

  • Construction Projects

We have the ability to undertake any kind of small scale (commercial / domestic building)  projects such as shops, heavy industrial and domestic electrical and plumbing installations and ventilation systems.

o   Building of new floors

o   Concrete slab roofing

  • Restoration Projects

Conversions of old houses, stonework, masonry alterations, refurbishment modernizing.......

o   Beam Replacement

o   Ceiling repair

o   Furniture Renovation

  • Tile Laying

Experience in laying several types with immaculate precision. Including rectified tiles, large tiles and mosaic patterns. 

  • Parquet Flooring
  • Marble Work
  • Plumbing

o   Pump Installations for increasing pressure. 

o  Installation of water heaters.

o   Well Maintenance (treatments, leakages, submersible pump installations). 

  • Electrical Wiring

We offer our long standing expertise in Electric Wiring to the clients current and future needs. We take safety and redundancy very seriously when we design the circuit system and provide a clear explanation of the circuiting diagram.,

  • Plastering

We ensure the perfect flush finishes to our plastering work.

  • Painting

Expert, clean and neat finishing. Consultation on surface and paint material considerations.

  • Gypsum work

o   Partitioning

o   Designs

o   Soffits

o   Bulkheads

  • Aluminium work

We have experience in both Light and heavy Duty types of Aluminium work.

o   Balcony / Washroom sliding doors, grill designs

o   Windows, two way opening

  • Wood work

Our joinery work is carried out  by chief craftsmen using, durable sold timber designed to withstand long periods of use.

o   Kitchens

A mixture of practicality, good design, and advanced technology. All our mortise and tenon joints are offset centre dowel secured. These hold secure even if the glue gives way after a long time. All fitted kitchen units are made to measure according to clients' requests and with the versatility of our 3D design proposals we can determine the most desirable design characteristics. 

 o  Doors

o   Louvre Windows

o   Traditional Maltese Balconies

We have manufactured several traditional Maltese Balconies many of which can be seen still in pristine condition many years after our installation. 

o   Wardrobes

o   Desks

o   Vanity Units

o   Shelving

o   Cabinets

o   Mirror Frames

o   Bunk Beds

o   Classic Chairs

o   Tables

  • Metal works

Steel Works and Wrought Iron Works beautifully made to clients' specifications. Made by qualified craftsmen and carefully designed by our chief designer.

o   Staircases – e.g. outdoor/indoor straight/spiral staircases.

o   Fences

o   Support frames

o   Balconies

o   Lofts

o   Copper Gutters and Tubing

  • Waterproofing
  • Ventilation / Air Conditioning
  • Security